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David, OrtizBetter known as “Uncle“, was the fourth Dominican to enter GreetingsAnd after his induction, there was much criticism of how he achieved the level of play he showed in his active time.

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It should be noted that Quisquey’s former baseball player was involved in doping during the 2003 season, and many haters were asking themselves how Ortiz could enter despite the ongoing controversy. Cooperstown Have you used banned substances?

According to the international media, Ortiz would have expressed his opinion on the matter I quoted: “Where did we get this list, it was mentioned to those who tested positive. Suddenly they started to point to me, but when they actually started the tests, I never failed, what does he tell you?

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Former historical player Boston Red SoxHe told the international media the reasons why he should enter without prejudice, and for many years he has been associated with this problem, but in reality they have always shown the negative and they continue to show discomfort in entering the hall. fame

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