With Olympia falling to the United States, it is a miracle for Azteca to remain in contingent Champions League – ten matches.

Welcome to Olympia Minute by Minute – USA!

Final: Olympia fell to the United States 1-2 in the first round of the 16th CONCACAF Champions League. The return will be played next week at the Aztecs.

88 & # 39; GOOOOOOOLLLL DEL OLIMPIA! Olympia’s best player, Michael Cirinos, fires at Marco, but the ball hits the American defense and when taken back, Eustin Arpoleda takes advantage and leads the rebound.

88 ‘ Blast of Eustin Arpoleda demanding Memo Ochoa. Press Olympia for a discount.

86 ‘ Uuuufffff! Olympia failed, but good return from Michael Cyrinos. Cross bidding not to worry about Memo Ochoa.

82 ‘ Jose Mario Pinto overflows through the right field, sending a center, but Josman Fikurova does not reach the final touch.

80 ‘ Change in the United States:
Entered: Nicolas Benedetti
Left: Sergio Thias

77 ‘ Once again Etrik Menzover grows and avoids the new fall of his goal.

74 ‘ Edwin Rodriguez approached with a left foot shot, but the ball took a turn from the goal. Olympia continues to fall 0-2.

74 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jose Garcia
Left: Elvin Casildo

71 ‘ Change in the United States:
Entered: Leonardo Suarez
Left: Moro Lines

68 ‘ American player Moro Linus has filed a vicious lawsuit against Jose Mario Pinto.

65 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Ezekiel Aguirre
Left: Josman Fikurova

65 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entered: Eustin Arpoleda
Off: Jerry Penson

German Mejia controls the ball against American Santiago Naveda. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

64 ‘ In the National de Tegucigalpa the United States handles the ball at will. Olympia could not figure out where to go in the sport.

62 ‘ Change in the United States:
Entered: Emanuel Aguilera
Left: Louis Fuentes

62 ‘ Change in the United States:
Entered: Aquino, Point Pedro
Left: Richard Sanchez

58 ‘ The central referee forgives the German “Patton” Mejia from the second yellow and continues to enjoy playing with Olympia 11.

Michael Sirinos wanted to damage his department, but the United States did not give up. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

55‘Change in Olympia:
Entered: Jose Mario Pinto
Left: George Alvarez

53 ‘ Oops …! Head of Bruno Waltz by Edrik Menzover. Re-saved meringue.

52 ‘ Incomplete auction of former Real Madrid Sergio Diaz. Olympia is saved.

46 ‘ Change in the United States:
Entered: Brian Colla
Left: George Sanchez

Start the fill phase: Go to the Olympia discount and try to get the positive one out of this game that loses 0-2.

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End of first half: The United States is beating Olympia 0-2 at the National Stadium.

Fede Vinas celebrates the first goal of the match against Olympia.

44 & # 39; GOOOOOLLL of America! The ball went down despite a shot from Etrik Menzovar, which went just wide of Sergio Diaz’s shot against the mark that Johnny Leverkusen allowed again. The United States won 0-2.

41 & # 39; GOOOOOOLLLL of America! Federico Vinas leads the group. After Memo Ochoa’s exit, the United States is hit from the left and by a center like Moro Laines’ hand, with Vinny topping after a bad sign by Johnny Lever.

40 ‘ Very attentive memo Ochoa. The Mexican goalkeeper comes out before Jerry Pengson’s harassment and controls the ball with his chest, the eagles play.

37 ‘ That was it! Argentina’s Escuil Aguirre steals a ball and escapes only in front of the frame, but he fails on the last touch in front of Memo Ochoa. The incredible failure of “Tobo”.

Topo Aguirre’s action against the United States failed:

37George Alvarez infiltrates the middle of the field against Fede Vinas.

35 ‘ German majia, Olympia player, yellow card for repeated mistakes.

34 ‘ Dangerous visit to Olympia. Cyrinos came back to the area but missed the final punch. His pass is blocked by Azulgrima security.

Edwin Rodriguez wants to dominate the ball before being harassed by American player Sergio Thias. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

31 ‘ Michael Cyrinos left hand shot goes too wide.

29 ‘ Sergio Diaz, the American player, has been charged with aggravated assault against Johnny Leverkusen.

29 ‘ Mistake against Jerry Pentsen in midfield.

27 ‘ The United States is taking over the party administration a little bit. Corner fired in support of Copa.

19 ‘ Olympia is too much. The game is looking for the first goal, but America is highly protected.

Mexican goalkeeper Memo Ochoa at the national ground in Honduras. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

11 ‘ Danger came from the United States but the title of FedEx went to one side of the left side of the Olympic portico.

10 ‘ Memo Ochoa is the title of Johnny Leverine controlling without problems.

9 ‘ Olympia is promoted. Mailer Nice approaches from the right and in the center, the American defender sends him a corner kick.

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8 ‘ The bond between lions and eagles continues in Tegucigalpa National Stadium.

4 ‘ Olympia’s first approach. Michael Cyrinos filters a ball to Jerry Pengson, but at the time of his shot, it is badly defective.

¡Launched! Olympia y America captured at the National Stadium in Telugusalpa. The game for the first round of the 16th round of the Confederations Cup.

7:45 p.m. | Olympia goes to the dressing rooms and leaves ready to face the fight against the United States.

7:24 p.m. | Football players from USA de Mexico go out hot before the fight against Olympia.

Jose Mario Pinto, Olympia player coming to Telecalca’s national stadium. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

6:55 p.m. | American lineup: Guillermo Ochoa; Luis Fuentes, Jorge Sanchez, Sebastian Cozares, Sergio Diaz, Bruno Valdes, Richard Sanchez, Alvaro Fidelco, Fef Vinas; Moro Lines and Santiago Nevada.

A Mexican fan arrived on the outskirts of the National Stadium to cheer America on. Photo: Johnny Magallanes.

Attention !! DIARIO DIEZ knows tonight’s Olympia series against the United States:

Olympia 11th: Etrick Menzver; Johnny Leverton, Jonathan Boss, Elvin Casildo, Mailer Nice; George Alvarez, German Magia, Michael Cyrinos, Edwin Rodriguez; Ezekiel Aguirre and Jerry Benson.

6:40 PM | Olympia and the United States arrive at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa tonight for the first leg of the 16th round.

6:34 p.m. | Olympia dominates the series against the United States in the Confederations Cup. In four games, Albos wins two, draws one, and loses one. The United States scored six goals and Olympia five.

Ten from the National Stadium, live:

6:29 p.m. | Olympia will present an interesting variation on the tactical plan; Johnny Leverkusen will play on the left back.

6:24 p.m. | The United States came with all its weapons for this first phase against Olympia.

The Olympic Vs USA referees arrive at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa. Photo. Johnny Magallanes.

Olympia – USA for the first round of the 16th round of the Confederations Cup, everyone is welcome minute by minute.


Olympiad Is on the verge of re-marking history. The most popular club in Honduras National League Measured in United States From Mexico To round of 16 Champions From Concoff This Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m.

Albos is not surprised at these games, they grow up and at Aztec Lands clubs பச்சுகா, Toluca, Blue Cross Almighty United States, In whose club he is Olympiad He won the series in tournaments Concoff, Although they do not believe it.

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The Honduran team, with four games dictated by the figures between the two, won in two, fell in one, and ended in a draw in the other, so the Catracha representation has the series in its favor, but this is another story.

Point Pedro TroclioMerging’s Argentina coach, he knows this will be a very complicated fight, but he also understands that they should be respected at home. “To go to Mexico we have to give our court an important blow, I do not say quietly, but I have a good back to reconsider, but we understand that it will be difficult, we obviously do not have to play one game,” he told the conference. Previous.

The South American strategist, who is a good motivator, is happy to be able to face his team United States From Mexico, Is one of the most prestigious companies in all of American football.

Santiago Solari, The newcomer to the tournament, led by Azul Grema, knows that it is the duty of the Aztec club to win the tournament. “We go out to compete to win every game, we come here to honor the Confederations, we go as far as we can and try to win it,” he explained.

Both clubs are coming into this fight showing an acceptable level of domestic competition. Blue creams United States The vice-presidents of the Mexican Championship, with 31 units, surpassed only 33 Blue Cross. Olympiad He is the leader of his team in the league, surpassing his fierce rival, Mottagua.

The return of this key and the assorted location for the quarter Champions From Concoff It will take place next Wednesday, April 14th Aztec Ground From Mexico City. United States Will receive Olympiad 6:00 p.m. Honduras.

The America Serious – Olympia in Concacaf

August 20, 1985: Tegucigalpa: Olympia 2-2 USA

Goals: Francisco Gonzalez, Juan Flores – Roberto Altrade, Daniel Bryslowski.

August 27, 1985: Guerrero: USA 0-1 Olympics

Target: Amilcar Lanza

* Olympia knocks out the United States (Confederations Cup)

November 12, 1990: San Jose, California: USA 3-0 Olympics

Goals: Enrique Rodan, Luis Roberto Alves, Marcos Figueroa.

November 14, 1990: Santa Ana, California: Olympic 2-1 USA

Goals: Eduardo Bennett, Juan Carlos Espinosa – Marcos Figueroa.

* The United States abolished Olympia (Concoff match)

In short, Olympia won two games, lost one and ended in a draw. The Honduran club has scored five goals and Club America has celebrated six times.

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