At Cruz Azul they no longer want to know about Brian ‘Cuco’ Anglo, and are looking for a team for him; Rejected by the United States | Ecuadorian people abroad | Sports

According to the Mexican press, Ecuador will not be forgiven for its regulatory offense. They offer it ‘cheaply’.

Ecuadorian striker Brayan Angulo will be presented to USA de Mexico by his current teammate Cruz Azul; However, Ecuador was rejected by the eagles. According to the newspaper Record, although DD Juan Rhinoso initially had the tricolor in his plans, they are still looking for a team for the tricolor.

The act of unreported immorality preceded the intervention of the Crusaders leadership. The result is tough: remove the 26-year-old Kuko.

“After Anglo’s show, he did not come to training with his short films and decided not to send him a renewal at once. Well, not that far. My rotten ear tells me that they serve cocoa in various clubs, among them America, and they leave him as ‘para, para (cheap)’ and he wants to take it. Anger is not needed in Copa (US facilities), ”the newspaper said in a statement.

The United States has added only two reinforcements. They are Diego Valdes and Jonathan Dos Santos signed from Santos.

According to Mexican press releases, Anglo will obtain sports and financial clearance for his regulatory offense.

Anglo did not seek permission from the board of directors of Cruise Azul not to initiate proceedings. (D)

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