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Given the changes in routine due to the pandemic and because some people developed symptoms of stress or anxiety, the meditation and the yoga They were a trend during this time, since they are activities that help maintain balance and mental and spiritual tranquility, as well as being beneficial for health.

If this 2022 your purpose is to stay in shape and have an emotional balance, we share some tips to create your own meditation space at home where you can have a time of relaxation and at the same time, create an atmosphere of harmony.

While there is no specific set of rules that must be followed when creating a meditation space, there are some details that you should take into account:

Choose a room: Take advantage of that quiet room in the house with a limited amount of traffic to avoid distractions, make sure it has a good temperature. Take into account that this place will be exclusively for meditation, so ideally you should not use it for other activities.

It does not necessarily have to be a large space, you can choose your favorite corner or some space in your garden.

Clean and clear the space: There is nothing more distracting than a cluttered area, especially when trying to relax. You want to make sure there is a minimum amount of cluttered items in the room. Purchase acrylic organizers to organize the room. Some basic recommendations include a small table, mat, and pillow for meditation.

Lighting makes the difference: Pay attention to lighting too. For example, a room with a lot of natural light will instantly improve your mood, if not, look for lamps with warm light that you can regulate the intensity so that you get an ideal atmosphere. We recommend purchasing a shade in a light shade that diffuses the light.

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Add a personal touch: You should include some of your own personal touches. It can be any element, smell, sound or object that particularly soothes your body and relaxes your mind. Think of items such as artwork, candle holders, cushions, rugs, planters or flowers, but remember not to clutter up the space, choose only a few pieces at a time and swap them out for different ones from time to time.

These and other decorative objects can be found online as in the Privalia marketplace.

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