The capital of La Gomera becomes ‘San Sebastian-Espacio Joven’ to deal with bullying | green rubber

The mayor of the city, Adasat Reyes Herrera, asserts that the primary objective of the alternative recreation program is to “provide the municipality’s youth group with a wide range of leisure and welfare alternatives, thus complementing the intervention and prevention work in addiction implemented by the Department of Social Services and Equality of the local institution”.

Reyes explains that this fourth day of San Sebastián Espacio Joven “is an activity designed to promote values, in which physical activity is complemented by an anti-bullying workshop, through which we seek to provide the necessary tools for the youth of San Sebastián de La Gomera, to deal with bullying, and to end or improve as much as possible with this increasingly notorious social scourge.”

In this sense, the activity will be developed through gymnastic exercises, the anti-bullying workshop, under the motto “No hurtful blows, no hurtful words”, will be based on guidance, identification and management of bullying, as well, will touch on the topics of prevention in addiction. All this is responsible for a multidisciplinary team that specializes in these topics. Finally, job training was planned.

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