With iOS 14.5 you can even open the phone screen with a mask

If you are using an Apple Watch and cannot open it while looking at the screen of your phone, you will not be disappointed if you want to open it with Face ID feature.

The latest iPhones have a unique formal Face ID of biometric authentication, making people wear safety masks wherever they go. This means you have to enter the access code regularly throughout the day. But Apple came up with a stop cap solution that should be convenient to access the phone during infections, but you should have an Apple Watch.

As Pocket-Lind first announced, the new iOS 14.5 update, which has just entered beta today, uses the Apple Watch on your wrist to quickly recognize and unlock your iPhone. Apple already offers this convenient trick on the Mac, but now it comes on the iPhone as well.

You take your iPhone to turn on the screen and you feel one Feedback Hoptic On the Apple Watch to mark that your iPhone is unlocked. Devices must be nearby for this to work, which is a measure to keep your data safe. This Apple Watch shortcut is only good for unlocking your iPhone; Purchases from the App Store and iTunes will require more authentication if the face is covered. As a last security check, you will be asked to enter your passcode every few hours, even if unlocking is enabled with the Apple Watch.

This feature is not always very reliable for Mac users, so it will take some testing to see if Apple has made improvements on the iPhone. Android has provided a similar benefit for a while by setting up a “smart lock”.

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Rumor has it that Apple is considering IPhone 13 Switches to fingerprint reader to complete Face ID. The latest iPod Air Home button has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so Apple definitely has options to give users additional options on the future iPhone.

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