Ana Bogton defeated world leader Ashley Party 3-6, 3-6: Irina Begu, unbelievably qualified for eighth place

The next competition in which Ana Bokton will participate is the Australian Open.

Ana Bogton – Ashley Party 3-6, 3-6

Ana Bocton was knocked out by world leader Ashley Party in the 16th round of the Yarra Valley Classic in Melbourne. The match lasted 78 minutes.

Package 2:

3-5: Ana Bogton saved two match balls and won the game in overtime.

2-5: Ashley Party Face Hold30.

2-4: White break signed by WTA leader approaching two games of victory.

2-3: A new capture at zero, verified by the player from Antibody.

2-2: Ana Bogton won the game 15.

1-2: Without leaving any break ball, Ashley Party is approaching a new limit in her own service.

1-1: Bogton saves the break ball and, after a dark period, returns to the scoreboard.

0-1: The party starts right and the second set.

Set 1:

3-6: Australia’s successful white break. The party leads 1-0 in the sets.

3-5: The party holds zero and is close to winning the first set in a game.

3-4: Successful break at the age of 15 by a world leader who serves as the first player to distance himself in two games in this tournament.

3-3: Party keeps his job until he is 15 years old. No breaks were recorded in the first six games of the game.

3-2: Ana Bogton serves for the second card of the tournament and will approach her game in overtime, after leading 40-0. Promoting tennis as shown by the Romanians in the first half of the opening set.

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2-2: Ashley Party holds her job, leaving only two points.

2-1: Ana Bogton is back in the lead, serving hard enough to keep the party in check.

1-1: After a game awarded for 15, the party regains equality.

1-0: Bogton wins the first game of the game without losing a point.

This was the first direct confrontation between Bogton and the party. The winner will play in eighth place with Mary Foucault (52WTA).

Irina Beku qualified for the third round of the Gibsland Trophy, winning after three sets, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4, ahead of Belarus’ Aliakchandra Sasnovich (90WTA). The match lasted 2 hours 36 minutes.

In the 16th round, Irina Begu will fight the fifth favorite, Johanna Konda, who won the match. To get here, Konda defeated Bernardo Pera (63WTA) of the United States, 6-2, 6-3 in the set.

Ana Bocton (93WTA), the only player from Romania on the main team of the Yarra Valley Classic, will receive a response from WTA President Ashley Party.

In the first round, Bokton defeated Russia’s Rakimova Camilla 6-2, 6-2, 80 minutes later. Bokton and Party have never had a reason before this.

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