With a pamphlet, Los Rastrojos Costenos sent a message to Gustavo Pedro

A leaflet bearing the colors of the Atlantic capital’s flag and figures representing the criminal gang Los Rastrojos Costenos, signed by warlord Víctor Carlos Pérez de Alba, is being circulated southwest of Barranquilla.

In the letter, the illegal armed group “orders” a ceasefire in several sectors of the Caribbean region due to the inauguration of new President Gustavo Pedro.

Victor Carlos Pérez de Alba leads that the Rastrojos Costenos cease from this moment all military operations against the national government and civilians in Atlantico, Bolivar, Magdalena, Cesar, Santander and the departments where our organization is located. Gaga’s Valley”, It reads in the pamphlet.

Obviously, The message goes straight to Colombia’s new president, Gustavo Pedro, as he promises to end criminal activity “in favor of negotiation” since his inauguration.

“Since the inauguration of President Gustavo Pedro, Colombia’s commitment to peace and national reconciliation and a military ceasefire in favor of dialogue with the government”, The writing says.

Likewise, they indicated that they join the commitment already made by the guerrillas and the Clan del Golfo armed group to cease “military operations.”

This is the document allegedly provided by the criminal group to negotiate with Gustavo Pedro. – Photo: Courtesy

The most surprising thing about this statement was the express intention of the document to the officials and residents of the Atlantic capital, as they themselves promised that this new government would guarantee the fulfillment of their rights. “

“We know that this government is going to guarantee the fulfillment of our rights, unlike the outgoing government that is looking for results, it is committed to looking for our members to assassinate them without guaranteeing to capture them. The law”, point to

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Finally, they openly address Colombia’s new president with the following words:

“Mr. Gustavo Pedro, from this moment we are ready to sit down to sign in complete silence.”

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police reported this week That document “It’s suggestive, but you can’t really say whether it’s true or not because they haven’t confirmed it.”

However, the city mayor, Jaime Pumarejo, spoke about the matter and said that what happened in Barranquilla had nothing to do with political movements, but with criminality and the merciless activities of this criminal group.

“Facts implicating criminal gangs Rastrojos-Kostenos, They are not politically motivated, rather, they are politically motivated. Dark and scary”, said the local leader.

‘Disarmament Programme’, a new strategy to curb insecurity

Amidst these announcements he released on Monday, August 8 Barranquilla Metropolitan Police Regarding certain arrests of alleged members of the Rastrojos Costenos, who were involved and directly responsible for the murders of public service drivers in the city and in the cities of Soledad and Malambo, Mayor Jaime Pumarejo said he is developing a new strategy to address insecurity.

It is a program to take away weapons from criminals or undocumented citizens. In this way you can get up to 9 years imprisonment and avoid uncontrollable killings in the city.

“A program that we have expanded in the last months and we are going to start in a few days, it is called the disarmament program, we want to take weapons from the bandits, we want all the weapons that are being carried away. or held by the people of Barranquilla to carry out a sentence”, Pumarejo said.

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