Listen to audios on WhatsApp incognito mode, Android or iOS

If you are one of those who value your privacy then you already have all the hacks and updates Share itThe hardest thing to avoid is that they realize you’ve already listened to audios sent to you in a forum chat or group, but there are some tricks to listen to them using an Android or iOS device. .

If it’s yours and you don’t want them to realize once you hear the audio they sent you, there are many tricks, you don’t need to download external apps to do it, you just need some extra. Before opening the voice memo, the hated blue popcorn pops up. Here’s how to do it if you have an iOS device.

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Invisible mode, so you won’t notice audios when you listen to them

You may already have an option enabled so that the popular blue popcorn doesn’t appear when you listen to audios individually, but if you don’t want your aunt, cousin or co-worker to feel you, this doesn’t apply to WhatsApp groups. You’ve already heard your cue from yourself, and here we tell you how.

  • Forwarding it to a chat you have with your number Save your phone number and find yourself in the contact list if you don’t already have it. So, when you receive audio in the family or work group that you don’t want them to realize you opened, you should choose the forward option and choose your contact.
  • Save it as a file: Similar to the previous option, save it to the Drive app or download it and listen to it later.
  • Send it to your email: This option, like the previous one, allows you to send it to another app or email and listen to it without being noticed.
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Finally, it’s a myth that if you put your device in airplane mode and listen to audio, it won’t work because blue checkmarks will appear when you play your data again.

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