“I haven’t heard from him for 14 days”

After not hearing from him for 14 days, the desperate father took to social media to trace his son’s whereabouts.

Alexis Miguel Garcia33, when he visited his uncle’s house in Cerro, the Cuban capital, two weeks ago, his relatives did not know where he was.

“Hello, this is my son, his name is Alexis Miguel Garcia Alejo, he is 33 years old, since the last time I saw him 14 days ago, his last place was at his uncle’s house in the mountains, since then. We have not heard from him, if anyone sees him, please call 53911105 , I’m his dad. I’m going to thank you,” Alexis Garcia wrote in the group this Tuesday. Facebook “Disappeared or Disappeared in Havana”.

Facebook / Missing or Disappeared in Havana

No further details about the young man or how he was dressed have been released so far.

Amid the growing number of reports of disappearances and the inaction of the authorities, parents and relatives of missing Cubans have released their photographs in an effort to find them.

And so it was Ernesto GonzalezA 16-year-old Cuban boy living in Ciego de Ávila suffers from mental illness and has been missing for a month and a half, according to family sources.

News of Ernesto’s disappearance spread on social networks after June 16, when he left his home in the Los Hoyos community near Campo Hatui in the municipality of Majagua. The youth was last seen when he went out to cut marapu for the stove near his house.

And young Cuban Angel Enrique Caballero Velasquez His relative confirmed to the Cyber ​​Cuba newsroom that he had been missing in Havana for eight days.

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The 26-year-old was last seen in Guanabagoa, according to her family’s plea for help reporting the case to our newsroom.

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