With 9% of minutes, Asfura, Yani and Siomara lead in primary elections


With 2,119 (9%) Records processed Out of a total of 23,880, The National Election Council (CNE) Nesri announced the first results last night offering a benefit to Asfura National Party, Yani Rosenthal n l Liberal Party And Siomara Castro inside Free.

76 hours after the primary elections of these three parties, the authorities CNE At 9:20 pm they released the Liberal Party’s 785 minutes, the National Party 1,013 and the Free 321 results.

Of the preliminary votes, 64,795 were valid, with 35,850 for Rosenthal (55%), 18,997 for Zelaya (29%) and 9,948 for Tario Panacos (15%).

270,628 votes in the first cut. First results National Election Council They did not get more than 271,000 votes.

In the National Party, out of 137,831 valid votes, Aspura received 101,573 (74%) and Mauricio Oliva 36,258 (26%).

In the free party, out of 34,536 valid votes, Castro received 26,228 votes (76%), Nelson Avila 5,237 (15%), Carlos Eduardo Reina 1,663 (5%) and Wilfredo Mundes 1,408 (4%).

The extraction of minutes, scanning and sending to the counting center were started CNE Tuesday night with suitcases from Comagua and Francisco Morasan, Santa Barbara and Islas de la Bahia,

Empty votes.

In the first 2,119 minutes, the National Party received the highest percentage of blank votes (62%); Liberals 30% and free 8%.

Until last night, at the collection center located at Infop, The CNE He got 95% of the minutes, and those from Atlanta and Cologne are waiting to collect 100%.

Kelvin Aguirre, Consultant CNE, He told reporters the night before yesterday that it was important to remember that “there are 23,880 polling stations” and that the company was already “exploring more than 9,000 minutes”.

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However, in the first cut, which was recorded until 8:00 pm, Aguirre explained: “Here we are talking about more than 2,000 people Activities”.

Upon learning of the first results, Rosenthal expressed his delight in front of the media and called on members of the opposition movements to join the union. General elections November.

“Thanks to the Liberals who voted for the unity of our party. It is time to confront this government that holds. Honduras He drowned due to corruption and lack of opportunities, ”Yani wrote on his Twitter account last night.

Meanwhile, Louis Zelaya expressed his displeasure against the first results of his defeat. However, he did not consider himself defeated because 91% of the minutes were still missing.

Zelaya scolded last night CNE Although he has been urging the election committee since Monday to “be transparent in this process”, it has not allowed them to compare the minutes they scan with copies of his movement.

“It is clear to us that there is a script here, the predictions given in the exit polls were not correct, it was not 6%, it was more than double, the results in terms of what was in it CNE. It did not tell us which department it belonged to, because there are huge irregularities and discrepancies in the records we have seen, ”he told the media.

In addition, he posted on his Twitter account: “Obviously, the exit polls were wrong, the difference was not 6%, but almost doubled … even with arDariobanegas not included how convenient it was that neCneHonduras wants to impose the winner. Not to mention that from the field ”.

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Before Honduran received the first data, the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church insisted CNE Their function should be used ethically and not “delayed” for final inspection.

Juan Engel Lopez, spokesman for the Episcopal Conference, responded: “It is not a matter of calling for peace in different fields, it is a matter of ethics.” CNE They asked the citizens to be quiet.

Last Tuesday, Ana Paula Hall, Chairman CNE, And consultant Ricky Moncada defended themselves by arguing that the election law gives them 30 days to provide official results, asking them to remain silent.

“The excuse is that they have 30 days to present the final report, but nowhere in the world are they going to delay this matter so much,” Lopez said.

Pastor Alberto Solarzano, representative of the Evangelical Confederacy (CEH) in Honduras, said: “This is a pity. CNE Not all details for development are properly formatted Internal elections There has been a delay in officially delivering the results. ”

As for Solarzano CNE By not providing night results Elections, Has provoked conflicts within Political parties It created uncertainty in a community that believed that the authorities of that organization were creating a fraud.

“We hope that appropriate decisions will be made to leave this moment with the lessons learned, which will allow us to improve our face. General electionsSaid Solarzano.

The Rector National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), Francisco Herrera, Warned that the lack of information is causing distance and rifts within political parties.

“Our process is to process decisions and deliver them to the people quickly, which will give peace of mind to political movements and enable them to resolve differences properly in terms of dialogue and law,” he said. Juan Carlos Sikafi, Chairman Honduran Council of Private Enterprises (Coheb).

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