The International Space Station dumped 2.9 tons of space debris, the largest ever released

The NASA Ordered the astronauts The International Space Station Release a load Space junk of 2.9 tons, The largest in history.

The Orbit Laboratory disposed of a plate of these large batteries on Thursday morning, March 11th. Kismodo Spokesperson NASA Leah Cheshire.

That is expected The Space junk Go back Land In two or four years and burns “without causing damage to the atmosphere”, but not everyone knows it that way. Similarly, the US Air Force Space Command will be responsible for monitoring it.

Has already been changed

This cargo was discharged because, in May 2020, a Japanese space agency cargo ship Jaxa, It came with six new lithium ion batteries to replace it.

Since there is no cargo ship to carry it, the space debris will thank the gravitational force until it enters the atmosphere.

Space debris is becoming a growing scourge around our planet. A study by astronomers at the University of Warwick found more than that 75% Detected waste Does not match the list of Active satellites.

Although International Space Station, Which orbits at a lower altitude than the area under study Do an avoidable maneuver for space junk Who approached for her protection.

Studies continue to explore Space junk Developing algorithms that allow for better prediction and identification of different types of debris and traces, in addition to supporting the development of return satellites Land After its fruitful life.

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