Will there be more reinforcements? Inspirational message from inside Cruz Azul

In time, against and unable to sign another foreigner, the Cruz Azul signaled that they could no longer complete the signing of their long-awaited Clausura 2023 goalscorer.

© Imago7Raul Gutierrez should join the current Cruz Azul squad.

Missing exactly Five days before the registration period in Liga MX Officially closed, therefore Cruz Azul are running out of time in their quest to sign their long-awaited goalscorer for Clausura 2023.It seems more and more Complicated It can be specified based on the circumstances Ferris wheelTo this day.

And that, as is well known, The great obstacle to securing the arrival of its conqueror at La Maquina was, Specifically Radamel Balko, He would have already agreed to wear the cement shirt So far there are no seats for foreignersit is good Mexico (NFM) occupies 10 untrained positions.

Even if it happens in the last days Michael Estrada would be the player with the best chance to leave the team After celestial command, a space can be freed Ivan Morales couldn’t find a place to stay In another team, the reality within the team can be quite different.

Advisory as per ESPN’s information and context of sources The Ecuadorian striker, as well as the Chilean strikerA message received by both players Both will remain in the squad for the Clausura 2023, according to Cruz Azul.

This way, and barring a few last-minute surprises, A squad of 25 players has been registered so farIt will be a solid one The machine must compete in this race in search of the tenth star and passed League CupThere he will try to win Tickets for the Concacaf Champions League and the competition in association with CONMEBOL.

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