Will Carmen Villalobos divorce Sebastian Gaisido? This is what the actors said

Colombian actors Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Keizeto have been married since 2019, and they are in the eyes of thousands of people. Rumors were circulating about their relationship. Celebrities are being questioned as there are those who say their relationship is broken.

The comments came after social networking users realized that the actors had not uploaded photos or content in a long time. Except, Due to Villalobos’ records in Colombia, the couple split up for a while because they live in the United States and have several businesses in Guizhou.

This information was denied by the same actors, highlighting in different media that they were still together. In conversation with I know everythingKeizeto promised that he would not part ways with Villalophos, in fact, he said he would announce the situation if that happened. “If something happens we will tell it”, He stressed.

“We’ve been together for over 13 years and we need to clarify why we are not going out on social networks,” he said.

Actress for her part Until money separates usHe told People magazine: “As far as I know, I’m still married.”

In fact, the latest releases have been released, each made from their official Instagram profiles in which they express their romantic status. In one of the kaiseto made, on his voyage south of the continent, you can read Villalobos’ most loving message.

“‘I am who I am’ ‘. Love, light, prosperity, overflowing happiness, health is in my maximum power, ”wrote Guizido. “You are everything and more,” his partner replied

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In addition, in the last release produced by Guizeto from Iguazu Falls, Villalophos was very gentle in his response.

“Run, cleanse, cleanse, heal and recharge,” says the Colombian’s post. “Whatever you travel, baby, the next one will be together,” the actress replied.

With these expressions of love on social networks, it becomes clear that the relationship between these two artists is ‘strengthening from strength’.

Carmen Villalophos suffered from Govit-19 disease

Last February, Carmen Villalophos from Barranquilla decided to talk about her health problems and acknowledged the strong symptoms she had after suffering from Govt-19. Through her social networks, the actress assured that she is suffering and that she has very strong symptoms. Among them, headache, fever and general malaise stand out.

He said he was not feeling well and clarified that his respiratory tract was not affected. He assured that he already had a negative result of the test so that he could return to work without any danger to his colleagues.

“The whole problem of symptoms is very bad. Thank God, the respiratory tract is never compromised, but headaches, fever, malaise, you do not want to get out of bed, insomnia, so bad. Fortunately, I have already come to terms with the fact that I have already ended the isolated days. I’m completely honest, I do not feel one hundred percent, the energy is very low, ”he said.

Actress of Until Friday separates us, He explained that he was feeling some strong effects now, just not expecting it to be so soon.

I do not put my face on them these days because those who feel the impact of the Govt raise your hands! I did, I had a kind of rebirth, I was sick again, physical pain, worse, worseIt’s normal, they say it’s one to three months, these are post-coit symptoms, it’s really a joke and I confirm it, ”he stressed.

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