A “light train” was seen in space moving from east to west | series nine

It was towards the end of the afternoon and was noted in Nueve de Julio, Carlos Casares and Bhago where the fastest light became the line guide

A row of lights was seen late on Wednesday afternoon this holiday from east to west. What has caught the attention of those who have seen this phenomenon is that a larger, whiter and more intense light moves faster as a sign of a “light train”.

This phenomenon was also seen in Carlos Casares and Pehuajó, two towns where neighbors recorded their traffic and commented on it on social networks.

This isn’t the first time that UFOs have been seen this year so far, and this time, unlike lights in isolation or in pairs, they are now seen in groups and aligned. This is what caused observers to be filled with questions and speculations regarding this strange and surprising phenomenon.

The parade of lights did not go unnoticed.

It should be remembered that in January of this year, the Starlink satellites were launched from the United States – added to those launched in the same month of 2020 – by the American company SpaceX, with the aim of providing high-speed Internet to users located anywhere In the world.

Remarkable was the light that moved at high speed and at a greater distance past the “light train”.

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