Nodal against Belinda’s mother: “Until she collected fruit for 20 years, she did nothing”

Regarding parting with him after a long silence Belinda, Christian Nodal It exploded on social media, but this time against the parents of his ex-wife, who accused him of collecting his daughter’s fruit, “until he left her with nothing to do.”

Through a Twitter post, Nodal shares a screen shot in which Belinda asks if she’s going to get extra money from her parents to fix her teeth.

“Dear, do you think you can fix my teeth this week, I mean, except for my parents, you’m not getting any money this week, so can I fix them?” The singer and actress wrote through WhatsApp Welcome to EdenNodal publicly wrote:

“For 20 years she has been reaping the benefits of her daughter and leaving her with nothing. Leave me alone, I am healed. I don’t bother them, I don’t ask for my credits in songs or in life. Everything that happens beautiful deserves it, and it costs me too. It was all over when I got tired of giving.

Users have shared screen shots of Belinda’s mother Belinda Schulz reading the news, prompting Nodal to post on Twitter: “The world is full of people who want to pluck fruit from trees they have never planted or cared for.”

A few days ago, it was rumored that Belinda’s mother had responded to a Netizen who thought that Belinda would never return as “Nodalin Nago”.

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Other users told Nodal that he did not have to explain himself, but he responded very actively in the conversation: “Yes, I want to focus my life on giving love to the world from the depths. I’m not going to do that because these stupid people are pulling me in. I need to cast out those demons.”

Badly finished love

Belinda and Christian Nodal shared a version Voice in Azteca, Their love and relationship will take effect in 2020. The following year, in May 2021, the couple got engaged, but the news of their separation in February of this year was surprising.

At the time, the two avoided giving details of the reasons for the split, and Nodal told his supporters to keep only the charm. Now the singer Goodbye Love He explodes and exposes the reason why their relationship failed: Belinda’s parents and the money in it.

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