Why will Honduran referee Said Martinez blow the whistle in Cristiano Ronaldo’s match against Al Nasser in Saudi Arabia?


Martinez said He is still in the jury pool. The Honduran whistler has become very lucrative in recent years, where he has had the luxury of whistling the best figures in world football.

After officiating two consecutive Gold Cup finals, the last CONCACAF Nations League final, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and refereeing CONCACAF qualifiers, Honduran received unusual news.

The 32-year-old referee had the opportunity to share the 2022 Qatar World Cup with top stars such as Leo Messi and Robert Lewandowski, as well as whistled the Argentine star’s debut at Inter Miami, in short, abundant wealth. experiences.

However, in the last few hours he received news from Saudi Arabia, and it was about refereeing a match for Al Nasser, the Saudi club where the Portuguese star plays. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Chairman of the Arbitration Commission, Oscar Velasquez confirmed to DIEZ that Sait received the call A fight starting next October 21st at 9:00am (Honduras) will lead the match between Al Nasr against DAMAC.

Sait Catracho will be accompanied by Walter Lopez and Cristian Ramirez, two teammates he has played alongside in different international tournaments.

However, Why would Sait Martinez whistle that play and why would he be called? Because the Saudi Pro League wants to improve in all aspects and therefore, they want to have the best referees in the world.

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