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Roque Vitor is the epitome of a chosen one from Brazil Against Ecuador in the first half, Atletico were punished with a brace from the Paranense attacker and a third goal to add to the final score. 3-1 for the first date of the final hexagon of South American Sub-20. Sebastian Gonzalez scored a hat trick.

were Peculiarities of Verdemarella The ones that prevailed in El Campan (Bogota) with Stryker Vitor Rogue raised a figure with a double That swung the game in Brazil’s favor.

The mini-tri is “resolute” and maintains the “illusion of a two-time championship” in South American U-20.

Mini-Tri got off to a good start, taking it easy on their game Regarding their performance at group level, But it wasn’t enough to stop the mighty BrazilHe was unforgiving when he had a break.

Yeimer Medina scored for Ecuador With 11 minutes played, goalkeeper Michael saved with a header in front of goal.

It was an act that expressed the purpose of the tricolor, but Ecuador’s midfield inattention reappeared, Brazil were strong in ball handling and attacking Vitor Roque.

The Atletico Paranense attacker was efficient and took advantage of the mismatch in a game where he fought for the ball and beat goalkeeper Gilmer Napa. 1-0 after 13 minutes.

Ecuador managed to balance the game process; however, Canarinha’s weight in attack was decisive and Vitor Roque reappeared after 27 minutes Between the centers to control the ball and make it 2-0.

with To make the second half better, And without the presence of the Brazilian ‘9’ replaced due to injury, Ecuador pressed the rival field and came dangerously close to the Verdemarela goal, but the figure of Mikel was determined to keep their goal intact.

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The best national play came in the 63rd minute when Alan Minda came on, After retrieving the ball in the tricolor, he covered the entire field and faced the defense to take the shot Extended by Mycael, and horizontal in the second instance, avoids the discount From Ecuador.

Emphasize the attack The difference was narrowed by an action in EcuadorA shot by Justin Cuero was deflected by Michael and appeared on the rebound Sebastian Gonzalez (75 minutes) scored to make it 2-1 And raise the tricolor illusion.

The momentum in the mini-try didn’t last long, and it was limited to free kick action Five minutes later he found himself in goal again, this time with AndreHe deflected a ball in front of goal to make it 3-1.

Brazil imposed its support Reached the hexagon against an Ecuadorian side, after completing a solid performance in the group stage, but executed well. Mini-Dry balanced the game in several passages.

The The Tricolor’s next game is against Uruguay on Friday, February 3 (3:00pm). One match they already faced in the group stage, with a 1-1 draw. For its part, Brazil will measure Venezuela. (D)

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