Why not use it when the cell phone is charging?

Cell phones are an essential part of everyday life because with them you can do endless work, education and entertainment and recreational activities. For this reason, the battery of devices is one of the issues that worries us the most because it is always a way to stay connected.

Due to this need, when the mobile battery is depleted, it is immediately connected to the mains and we continue to use it normally even as technological advances make the batteries longer. However, it is doubtful whether this process will have a negative impact on the life of the phone and its battery.

At TechPit we tell you what are the reasons why using a cell phone while charging is not so good.

The Samsung Support Portal makes it clear that the smartphone can be used at the same time as charging and the battery is charged if it is used continuously when connected to the power supply. At a slower rate, because it consumes energy that allows continuous use.

It also depends on what kind of applications we run when the battery is recharging, for example, if we use it to send messages or answer short calls, the charging time will not be so slow. In the meantime, if we want to play, watch movies or play music, the period can be considerably longer.

In this regard, Apple recommends that you allow the device to charge for at least 10 minutes before continuing use, and if the device is compatible, use the wireless charger normally.

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When not to use the phone while charging?

In general, it is best to give the mobile a specific amount of time to charge properly, this way the battery will be ready faster.
If this is not possible and it is absolutely necessary to run it, try to use only the essential applications. Similarly, if you notice that your device heats up fast, it is a good idea to close all apps and let it rest or turn it off when the charging cycle is over.

Recommendations for using an electrically connected cell phone:

– Configure load update in settings.

– Do not use it in extreme environment if your device does not have this functionality.

– Make sure the electrical connection is in good condition.

– Use applications that do not use much battery.

– Do not use headphones while charging.

When the battery is 100%, unplug it to prevent swelling, Samsung says.

– Use original parts in good condition.

Follow these recommendations given by the world’s leading cell phone manufacturers to avoid any mishaps or a gradual reduction in the useful life of your battery. If it is within your range and your pace of life allows it, try to charge the full amount when you start your operations so you don’t have to worry about it all day.


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