Was it Lucas Rodriguez’s best goal or Hugo Gliss’ fault? Solos won in Jurassic

City of Juarez /

Gallery Just Took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal Ariel Rodriguez In 7 minutes, he also had some responsibility Hugo Gonzalez, Goalkeeper The brave ones, Never expecting the ball to have that effect to achieve its goal.

Rodriguez He drove the ball to the left and without returning to that area, did not even take a cross to the goal to see which of his teammates could finish, but the ball ended up reaching the goal Hugo.

The goalkeeper saw the ball pass over him The brave ones Those who have bad competition in terms of dangerous actions on the goal curve Jonathan Orosco.

Just Has been the best team in the first half The brave ones He is struggling to get the ball in and take the ball from the half court to the crease.

Braves and Solos They appeared Olympic Benito Jurassic Without a win at the start of the match, that Juarez They only add one point and the frontier dogs have lost the previous three matches.

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