Why doesn’t Canelo Alvarez live in Mexico? This is the reason

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez He moved away from his native Jalisco to establish his final base In San Diego, CaliforniaHe made the decision, in part, because This is the USIt’s the country where he does his best work, but that’s mostly because of the insecurity that exists in Mexico.

Abduction of Canelo Alvarez

Although it is constant to see him in the country, he celebrates even his most important holidays In the municipality of Tlajomulco de ZúñigaThe undisputed 168-lb He likes to spend his days at Rancho Pacifica in San Diego In the company of his wife Fernanda Gomez and his daughter Maria Fernanda, he also owns a gym where he does his training.

This idea of ​​immigration has been well analyzed and assimilated by Canelo, especially after the kidnapping of one of his brothers in December 2018. British Rocky faces fielding for the World Boxing Association super middleweight title.

“In 2018, before the fight on Monday, I was on the phone all the time. I was on the phone for everything to get him released. For three days I negotiated with the pastors to release him. After I traded, I still thought, Imagine if it was a daughter or my mother or my fatherIt will be more difficult for me.”

In that case, they did not want to inform the authorities for fear of colluding with criminals. He presided over all the negotiations, supported by one of his relativeswho was his messenger.

“I told them that My brother was kidnapped and they said I was crazy… That’s when I thought about it.”

Your family must leave the country

In an interview with Graham Benzinger in early 2021, El Guadalajara explained that the issue of insecurity is deeply rootedOr, when he’s in the country, he admits to many fears, like going through a traffic light or dealing with haters, to name a few examples.

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Accumulation of those bad experiences motivates him Canelo Alvarez That His relatives accompany him to another country, even though it is difficult to do,

“A thousand interviews and nobody knows what I’m going for, everybody thinks it’s easy to see me there, but nothing in this life is easy, it’s hard because in things like that your brother never comes back, he dies, I have my brother, thank God. I (his family) want to leave the country but it’s difficult, they have their lives here and he can’t do it.“.

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