De Anda sends a note to Luis Garcia, who needs two fingers before half-time

The bench of the Mexican national team is empty Argentina decided to withdraw from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after Gerardo ‘Tada’ Martino failed to progress from the group stage.

Several candidates are being talked about to take over the leadership of the national team, but so far, the Mexican Football Confederation has not decided on the matter, although it is expected to do so by the end of the month and a certain name is already available. 2026 Mexico-USA-Canada World Cup Process.

Did De Anda send a note to Luis Garcia?

One of the most powerful sounding names Marcelo Bielsa has taken over as the coach of the Mexico national teamAccepted by many because of his long life, one of them, Luis Garcia, asked if this was true. Close Loco’s hiring immediately.

“I don’t know how far Marcelo Bielsa has progressed in the national team, but if there is any chance of hiring him, They should not hesitate for a second. This man will manage, build and lead the most lost company,” the TV Azteca analyst posted on social networks.

However, there are those who reject the idea of ​​the Argentine reaching El Tri, with his supporters even suggesting that Gerardo Martino is one-upmanship. Francisco Gabriel de Anda, what will be A blunt note on Garcia PosticoHe pointed out that they need “two fingers of the brain” to realize that they are not the best.

Those who defended the Tata Martino administration till the end, ask Bielsa today, you should be a little ashamed. You’ll notice with half a brain that today’s Bielsa doesn’t match In current Mexican football”, published the ESPN commentator.

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Is El Loco going to make the Mexican national team?

Despite rumors that Marcelo Bielsa is one of FMF’s main challengers to take over the Mexican national team, The truth is that nothing is certain.

Names so far Loco, Miguel Herrera, Guillermo Almada and Jaime LozanoBut none of them has been officially named as the main candidate.

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