A powerful jet emerging from a black hole, captured for the first time in history, remains a mystery to science – FayerWayer

What mysteries the universe still hides! Black holes, though, have been photographed many timesremain completely unknown to scientists.

In a stunning astrophysical breakthrough, the famous M87 black hole shocked the scientific community yet again by revealing its powerful jet in a historic image captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

This image, first acquired in April 2018, shows the jet exiting the center of the supermassive black hole located in the galaxy Messier 87.

EHT, an international collaboration of Synchronized Radio Telescopes, has succeeded in forming a virtual telescope the size of Earth, allowing scientists to observe cosmic phenomena in unprecedented detail.

In the case of the M87 black hole, it was possible to capture the emission of a high-energy plasma jet extending thousands of light-years from the galactic nucleus.

This discovery is a milestone in understanding black holes and the effect they have on the galaxies that host them. Jetting from M87 is a common phenomenon in active galaxies with supermassive black holes at their centers, but such a clear and detailed picture of this process has never been obtained before.

The captured image reveals how the jet exits the black hole at speeds close to the speed of light, generating a powerful emission of energy. This discovery confirms current theories about the mechanisms of feeding and ejection of matter in supermassive black holes, and provides invaluable information about astrophysical processes and general relativity.

Scientists continue to analyze data collected by the EHT, searching for answers to fundamental questions about the formation and evolution of black holes, as well as the role they play in the structure and dynamics of galaxies.

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“We still don’t fully understand how this happens, but we do know that jets shoot out from the region around black holes,” Ru Sen Lu of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in China said in a review note. Country.

The image of the M87 black hole spewing out its powerful jet represents a milestone in astrophysical research and demonstrates once again the amazing ability of science and technology to reveal the deepest secrets of the universe.

Scientists will continue to closely study that nucleus from where the powerful jet of energy originates, to learn more about black holes, their formation and the consequences this mysterious global phenomenon causes.

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