Why did Univisión remove entertainer Raúl de Molina from its screens?

In recent days, Cuba has been absent Raul de Molina In the project 'The Fat and the Lean', has been running on the screen for 25 years UnivisionWhat happened to the animator, most importantly, caused intrigue among viewers who wondered when he would return to his temporarily altered state. Adrian Uribe.

After returning from vacation Aspen, Colorado, Lily Stephen He led the show without his partner for many years, although he had other prominent television personalities who were preparing to take the position of 'El Gordo', as they say on social networks.

What happened to Raul de Molina?

After the 'Tajafero' that the entertainer had with the show's producer weeks ago, everyone thought the Cuban star might have had internal issues with the television plant. However, none of the speculations are true because the truth is that the lovable fat man is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

De Molina asked for a 'break' to fly to SpainThe country carried all the behind-the-scenes footage late last year Grammy Awards in SevilleThis proved very useful for him as the Iberian region became one of his favorite places to travel with his family.

This is what he showed on his digital platforms, in which he published photos from the city of Valencia together with his wife, adding experiences and knowledge to the beautiful story they have maintained for almost 30 years. Because of that, Raul is expected to return to Univision soon.

The animator exploded against his producer

The situation began when “Rowley,” as his show partner Lily Estefan fondly calls him, wanted to tell the public about a family moment, words interrupted by the production team to lead to a statement that caused him to explode and release toads. And snakes

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“I don't understand the lack of respect they allow here. “They are putting me on air while I am talking. It is sad that a producer who started this show three years ago for Lily and me 25 years ago comes to cut me when I am talking. , to go to ads,” He said furiously.

Likewise, 64-year-old Raoul said the team behind the cameras is focused on creating every day. 20 stories and it prevented Lily from communicating with him, The program was established on September 21, 1996.

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