Solar eclipse 2024: What do space smell like, according to astronauts?

The smell of space was detected by astronauts who had the opportunity to witness it firsthand during space missions

The universe arouses the curiosity of scientists and amateurs alike, and there are thousands of space-related questions.

However, recently, one of those unknowns was solved thanks to the testimony of some brave astronauts who had the honor of traveling into space. International Space Station.

In this regard, for decades there have been many speculations about a certain phenomenon that has aroused much curiosity and confusion among ground-based observers and has been the subject of debate among the scientific community, leading to the emergence of various theories: How does space smell?

but, The truth behind this mystery has finally been revealed by astronauts who had the opportunity to witness it firsthand during space missions. According to their testimonials, in National Geographic, the smells of space varied, from burnt almonds to hot metal and grilled meat. Some people find this smell pleasant, while others find it unpleasant. But everyone agrees that it is an intense and distinctive scent that cannot be ignored.

In view of this, Scientists suggest that the odors come from an oxidation reaction during the pressure drop upon entering the spacecraft. Atomic oxygen in space binds to astronauts' suits and instruments, producing a burning odor as it reacts with diatomic oxygen inside the ship.

While the second hypothesis proposed by these specialists is this The smells come from compounds released by dying stars, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).. These compounds stick to astronauts' suits and produce an odor that is recognizable upon entering the spacecraft.

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the a pot He set out to recreate the mysterious smell of space to prepare future astronauts. In 2008, he hired a chemist to identify substances that could mimic that unique scent. The result was a perfume called “Eau de Space”, which is now commercially available to the public.

Although space remains a mystery in many aspects, the testimonies of astronauts and scientific efforts to understand its peculiarities bring us a little closer to revealing its secrets. And now thankswater to space“, we can all experience the essence of space, even if only through the sense of smell.


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