They confiscated Christiani's daughter's residence and other lands belonging to the former president

The state attorney's office would have newly seized the former president's properties, including his daughter's and grandchildren's homes in San Salvador and Usulutan.

carried out by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR). New seizures The confiscation of property on former President Alfredo Cristiani's land, including the home of his daughter Claudia, was confirmed to Diario El Mundo by sources from the Finance Division.

He responded to the operation on his social networks: “These are things. They come and go. They are built, destroyed, rebuilt. “My heart is broken and saddened by the loss of my home.”

Also, Claudia Christiani explained that her strength does not come from power or money. He wished those who wanted “light” and “forgiveness”.

“We have We have worked with integrity and dignity throughout our lives and will continue to do so. We know that many are doing their job. We bring light where there is darkness and we offer forgiveness to those who want or need it,” he said.

A post made by the former president's daughter. Photo / Courtesy

Although the surgery was performed on Thursday, until noon this Friday The prosecutor's office has not made the seizures public.

The newspaper reported that the operation was carried out on Thursday Along with San Salvador and Usul On land linked to companies: Cristiani Burkard, SA de CV and Sociedad Montebro SA de CV

The prosecutor's office requested that former president Christiani's assets be turned over to the state

In February this year, the prosecutor's office requested 143 properties, 41 motor vehicles, 27 bank accounts and a helicopter belonging to former president Cristiani and his corporate group. Go to the hands of the government.

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Submitted in the document San Salvador Domain Forfeiture Court. According to the wealth tax probes, the former president allegedly pooled money from the public treasury in his companies, which helped to hide and legitimize money laundering.

“There are (state) funds, at least indirectly, in the coffers of Alfredo Félix Christiani's corporate group,” declared the lawyer who filed the petition before the court.

At that time, the FGR assessed the activities related to the alleged corruption They are worth $9 million.

On June 1, 2023, the prosecutor's office seized different properties of former President Cristiani. Photo / FGR.

Various properties of the former president intervene

On June 1, 2023, the Prosecutor's Office 156 properties intervened. Of these, 143 Cristiani Burkard, SA de CV, seven properties of Drogueria Santa Lucía SA de CV, six properties of Sociedad Montebro SA de CV, 15 bank accounts and 42 vehicles.

Properties raided during the month included: Former President's Residence, Located in Antiguo Cuscatlán, Santa Elena; Home on Lake Coatepeque, Santa Ana; and Santa Lucia Pharmacy in the Roma area of ​​San Salvador.

Despite the actions, to date, the prosecutor's office has not formally charged Christiani with the crimes attributed to him in any court.

Claudia Christiani distinguished for her cultural, social and community work

Claudia Cristiani is a professional with extensive experience in cultural and social development. In addition to his specialty, he has contributed to peace building and held various administrative positions, where he used his knowledge to develop and implement programs affecting public policies in cultural heritage conservation, management of cultural resources, development, politics and public administration.

Christiani stands out for his work as a philanthropist and his support for various organizations and social projects in the country.
Parque Cuscatlán, Programma Supérate and Biblioteca Humana were the three main projects he worked on.

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For more than two years he has been president of the Raíces Foundation, an organization dedicated to local and community development. Likewise, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of FUSADES for over 9 years; For twelve years he has been a member of Creative Commons El Salvador, an international non-profit organization that promotes the use of technological tools enriched with knowledge and free creative resources.

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