A statement about PLD Congressman Domanjuus Brito and recordings of Juan DH and Domingo Pease were seized from Adon Cossares

Santo Domingo, R.D.

During a search of Major General Adon Caesar Sylvester, a document secretly confiscated with the data of former Republican Attorney General Francisco Tomanjuus Brito was seized.

The report is about 7 pages long, according to documents raised by attorneys from the Office of the Special Attorney for Harassment of Administrative Corruption.

That report is from 2014 when Tomanzuez served as Attorney General of the Republic of Brito.

Another document seized from General Adan Koseros, vice president of the last president Danilo Medina, in an open loop, with the first blank page, the “Investigation Diary in the News of the VIII Ordinary Conference of the Dominican Liberation Party”, was held on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

Another of the documents raised was a report on “customer service information” in the United States by Chestour’s current director general, Juan C. Named after Torres Robio, it has two pages.

“Captured from Station Z-101. 07-03-13 at 3:40 pm Santo Domingo, DN, Project: Afternoon Government, Producers Juan Tavares Hernandez, Domingo Bees et al”; On 07-04-13 at 3:40 pm, a document with the title captured from the Z-101 station in Santo Domingo, Program El Copierno di la Torte, Producers Juan Tavaros Hernandez, Domingo Beas et al.

The Major General was arrested on Saturday, April 24, after which an investigation into the so-called “Operation Coral” continues, interrogating him along with other military personnel on corruption charges.

The Attorney General’s Office says it was one of the tactics used by the network, which allegedly recruited hundreds of police and military personnel on the payrolls of the Special Presidential Security Force (CUSEP) and the Special Tourist Security Force (Cestur). 20 thousand 70 thousand pesos per month.

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They were charged a percentage of the amount indicated in exchange for lesser prizes. Officials also pointed out that the process would be used to divert millions of dollars from travel expenses, fuel purchases and food supplies.

The public ministry says members of the “corruption network” led by Maj. Gen. Adon Caesar Sylvestre, the defense chief of former President Danilo Medina, are still inside state institutions and are “manipulating” evidence to “avoid” these into the hands of investigators.

The attorney general’s office points out that the network has ordered people to “strategically employ” since the beginning of former President Medina’s first government in demanding coercive action against six so-called “coral” operations.

“They became a criminal organization that carried out hundreds of illegal activities between August 2012 and August 2020, and continue to operate in government agencies by strategically accommodating those on the network, even in the updated ones. They respond not only to distraction activities, but also to less serious ones and to maneuvering to prevent important evidence from reaching the hands of public ministry inquiries, ”the document deposited in court said.

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