Why did the EU extend sanctions on Venezuela for six months instead of one year?

(CNN Spanish) — The European Union (EU) announced on Monday that sanctions imposed on officials and the Venezuelan government will be extended for six months, not one year as previously stated. This is within the framework of an annual review of its control measures and in view of the political agreement signed by the Venezuelan government and opposition leaders in Barbados on October 17.

“These restrictive measures include a ban on weapons and equipment for internal repression, as well as a travel ban (to Koot) and the freezing of assets of the 54 people included in the list,” the Council of the European Union said. Report..

In 2021, the Venezuelan government responded to the sanctions by expelling EU Ambassador Isabel Brillhante.

Why are there barriers?

As democracy, the rule of law and human rights continue to erode in Venezuela, the EU recalled that it imposed restrictions in November 2017 to help foster shared democratic solutions to bring political stability to the country and address needs. in the population.

In addition, the European Union said it was ready to implement the political agreement between the government and the opposition signed in Barbados and to consider easing or withdrawing restrictions depending on how the situation develops.

What is required to revoke restrictions?

The Council of the European Union calls for the unconditional release of all those unjustly detained, freedom of expression for members of the press, freedom of the electoral process and respect for human and political rights to ease or withdraw the sanctions imposed.

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“The Council will review the scope of its control measures within six months, and stands ready to reconsider the matter at any time based on concrete, sustainable and verifiable progress with respect to the situation in Venezuela,” the statement said.

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