The test shows the biggest difference between a MacBook Pro with an M3 chip with 16GB of RAM and a MacBook Pro with 8GB.

Is 8GB integrated RAM equal to 16GB regular RAM?

They compare the RAM memory of the MacBook Pro M3

The Apple apps They have time and again proven their incredible ability compared to the competition and against previous versions of the company. And their performance is more than proven, there are no comparison tires for the audience. A few weeks ago the MacBook Pro with the M3 chip was launched and Apple reports confirming that its 8GB of integrated RAM is equivalent to 16GB of normal RAM, and there are already people who took the time to confirm that.

An experiment by Max Urwave from the YouTube channel MaxTech Put the 14-inch 8GB MacBook Pro M3 to the test. 16 GB MacBook.

They compare the MacBook Pro’s RAM memory with a 16GB M3 chip and an 8GB one.

As they explain from the channel, Tests were performed as single tasks with nothing else running, but repeated with applications open in the background to simulate typical real-world multitasking scenarios.Browser tabs, YouTube videos, spreadsheets, emails and more,

The process showed that The performance gap between the two machines widened further as the 8GB relied heavily on its SSD swap file.when The overall reaction was affected. Additionally, crashes were reported on the 8GB model during Blender rendering and Final Cut export.

Meanwhile, Testing with a 16GB MacBook Pro with Blender Ray Tracing Acceleration allows similar rendering tasks.A reduced memory pool actually indicates that the GPU cores are prevented from using certain functions.

MacBook Pro M3 RAM memory test results bar

MacBook Pro M3 RAM Memory Test

During his conclusions, Yurwave addressed one of the most important decisions customers make when choosing a MacBook’s memory capacity. In this sense, Buying an 8GB MacBook Pro seems to limit the performance of the M3 chipBut choose The 16 GB or 24 GB configuration options represent a high investment which is not attractive considering that the memory cannot be expanded. Because of its integrated memory architecture.

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Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro with the M3 chip during its “Scary Fast” event a few weeks ago. In Spain, MacBook Pro with M3 processor starts at 2029 euros. The 14-inch model with the M3 Pro starts at 2,359 euros and the 16-inch version with the M3 Max processor starts at 3,049 euros.

After watching the test Which would you choose?

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