Why close together? Rosalia and Bad Bunny disable networks with a picture: photo

Rosalia and Bad Bunny By displaying they again disabled the networks Very romantic and intimate In the new series of photos they posted on their accounts.

Through Instagram, the singer shared three postcards with Puerto Rican in which they were so close, surrounded by a dream-like situation.

In the first one, Rosalia can be seen wearing a shoulder neckline dress, a hairstyle collected with puffy tool sleeves and curly strands, while she plays with the mustache and the green velvet jacket, in pure style. Renaissance.

The most interesting thing is that when you slide between the pictures and look at the second one, they are at sunset, under a tree with dry branches, and he takes his face with his left hand. As if he was going to kiss her.

The translator added another snapshot in which she stares at the camera alone, thanking her legs for opening her dress and showing her deep neckline on top.

With the gallery, he wrote only a small fire and marked it as Bad Bunny. For his part, he shared and added the same images, except for the solo portrait ?? Benito and Rosalia ??.

Both confirmed that it was a preview of the video recording of their song ?? Last night ??, They released a few weeks ago, but until now had only a generic video clip on their YouTube channel.

The most commented detail

The wardrobe and pose of the two is very important, but one detail that Rosalia’s face cannot be missed by the fans.

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It’s about his eyebrows, which are thicker than normal.

The most interesting thing is that the Spanish were able to copy this effect of most bushy eyebrows, but normally they do not look bad. So, with the influence it has, it may turn them into a trend in the next few days.


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