Ricky Martin’s sister provided part of the evidence the artist presented against her nephew

Sister of the Puerto Rican star Ricky MartinVanessa Martin, He gave evidence and testimony at a hearing held yesterday before Judge Maranyeli Colon Requijo. of St. John’s CourtOne of the singer’s lawyers, Mr. Jose Andrew Fuentes confirmed in an interview with the journalist. Sylvia Hernandez of “day by day”of Telemundo.

“It was shown by some of the texts that the boy had been trying to make up a story to hurt Ricky for some time, and some of the texts that he was sending to his mother and his mother, those texts show that he was planning and looking for. How he would harm Ricky to get an economic benefit,” Andrew Fuentes said.

The lawyer also pointed out that the translator’s sister of hits like “Tiburones” and “Asignatura Pendiente” “provided texts and an affidavit with those texts.” The foregoing was the basis for Judge Colon Requejo’s denial of Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Martin’s request for a protective order under the Victims of Sexual Assault Act.

“She’s very upset about the situation, but she knows the problems her son is facing and she wants to see how she can help her son so he doesn’t get into more trouble.” Andréu Fuentes explained.

The legal representative of the father of four, Lucia, Valentino, Ren and Matteo, also provided details of Sanchez Martin’s allegations, when he was 11 years old, of an alleged sexual incident in the actor’s dressing room. , while performing in the musical “Evita”, in Broadway, New York.

“This boy went to New York with his family on one occasion and he was with his mother at all times – he was a boy – and whatever he had to do with Ricky Martin, he was with his mother and family. The boy’s allegation that he was alone in the dressing room at 11 is completely false,” he said. told Hernandez.

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Yesterday, after it became known that Colon Requejo denied the protective order requested by Sanchez Martin, the veteran artist’s spokeswoman Helga García indicated through written statements. Lawyers Andreu Fuentes, Dora Monserrate and Joaquín Monserrate Matienzo “presented convincing evidence to the court demonstrating from the beginning of this legal battle, a pattern of erratic behavior and lies established by Dennis with the sole purpose of killing his uncle’s reputation.

The artist, whose name is Enrique Martin Morales, filed a lawsuit against Sanchez Martin on September 7. The summary states that Colon Requejo made the decision after hearing testimony from the singer and Sanchez Martin.

“It’s something I owe to my kids, my husband, my family and all the fans who stood by my integrity. I am relieved to know that today we have taken a major step forward in this never-ending legal battle,” Ricky Martin said in the letter.

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