Who will get Silvia Pinal’s house and Diego Rivera’s famous painting?

Silvia Pinal may leave her home to the one with the most money among her children, while Diego Rivera’s painting is a national heritage (Instagram/@silvia.pinal.h)

Sylvia Pascual Revealed who has the opportunity Inheritance Mansion from his mother, Sylvia PinalAnd despite rumors that he was estranged from his brothers, he pointed it out There is no problem in the family by choice, As they are clear on how the succession of assets will be.

Silvia Pinal is one of the last Divas of Mexican cinema golden ageApart from being one of the country’s most prominent stars of all time, it is known His wealth is in crores of rupees.

Protagonist in the most important luxuries innocent It was discovered The painting in it Diego Rivera He pictured her and is estimated today 60 million pesos. And his home, a mansion, has given him something to talk about as it is a property with luxurious details.

A few months ago Silvia Pinal's children were fighting about how the actress's choice had changed (Instagram/@silvia.pinal.h)
A few months ago Silvia Pinal’s children were fighting about how the actress’s choice had changed (Instagram/@silvia.pinal.h)

As important as the actress’ assets are, it is still unknown what will happen to them if she dies, and there have been many rumors of problems between the finals due to the will of the married man.

However, Sylvia Pascual denied it on camera the window He mentions that there have been fights between Sylvia’s brothers over who gets the house. Alejandra GuzmanBecause she owns it Sufficient income to maintain a home Those sizes.

“What a liability, it costs a lot to maintain. No, I’m very happy in my little house there. That house is definitely for my sister Alejandra And it’s good because it has the purchasing power to hold it.”

Regarding work Diego RiveraIt is located in the protagonist’s house WidespreadSylvia noted that it was impossible for her to be part of her mother’s legacy because of such an important painting, it National heritage.

“It belongs to the three of us, but is in a trust, none of the three; It is native to the nation of Mexico.”

He added that the painting was in his mother’s house because, given its importance, it would take a lot Bureaucracy It can be taken to an exhibition.

“This whole issue is complicated because when they request to display it in a museum, they have to go through various procedures, pay for insurance, download, pack, how are they going to transport it. . Such painting has a very strict bureaucracy,” opined the actress.

Because of this kind of situation, Pascual insisted that there was no fight in his family regarding the inheritance, aside from the fact that everyone already knew that Silvia Pinal would inherit something.

It was a few days ago in the magazine Television tips Sylvia Pasquale posted that she had found her brother. Luis Enrique, it is said Trying to change the option of Diva movie.

Silvia Pascual denied that the alleged dispute with her brothers regarding Silvia's inheritance was real, instead, she assured that their relationship was intact (EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)
Silvia Pascual denied that the alleged dispute with her brothers regarding Silvia’s inheritance was real, instead, she assured that their relationship was intact (EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)

Enrique Guzmán’s son would have made an appointment with a notary to take his mother to change the will; However, that was not possible as they called beforehand to confirm the appointment, and Pasquale’s assistant Ephigenia answered.

Although Luis Enrique denied trying to change how the inheritance would be distributed, Silvia did not believe his version.

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