PACYT-UNACHI: 10 years of service to science and society

Saturday, January 7, 2023 – 12:00 AM

ICADES is working with David City Hall, in reforestation of urban parks

UNACHI, committed to science and the demands of Panamanian society, is forging the pillars of the R+D+i ecosystem; One of them, Science and Technology Park.

To that end, I have participated in SENACYT’s public calls for the acquisition of high-tech equipment, such as an atomic absorption spectrometer, UHPLC mass and infrared spectroscopy system, used in the research.

PACYT operates institutes and research centers, conducting research on Covid-19, phytopathogenic fungi, biodiversity in continental and island environments, and species new to science. The Herbarium collection, which is internationally cataloged, exceeds 10,000 specimens.

Specialized equipment allowed the isolation and amplification of vertebrate genomic DNA; And since i-4, for example, a new species Pristimantis gretathunbergae, endemic to our country, has been described.

At PACYT, researchers affiliated with SNI work; who formed institutional research groups, according to the indicators established by CONEAUPA; who recently reaccredited UNACHI for another six years.

ICADES is working with David City Hall, in reforestation of urban parks. The Committee on Risk Management and Climate Change has conducted assessments of the impacts of ETA and IOTA in Chirican Heights. It is participating in the public-private alliance, led by CECOMRO, to establish CIPAR-AIP in the Western Region.

OTCT registered first patentable concepts in DIGERPI and WIPO; It is involved in drafting the draft law, which defines the framework for technology transfer and management of intellectual property rights in Panama.

From PACYT, the Department of Graduate Studies coordinates and chairs the Academic Committee consisting of 3 Ph.D.s, 50 Masters degrees, and 42 majors. It has a record of 97 master’s theses and 85 doctoral dissertations. The UNACHI Scientific Conference has been held annually by the Research Directorate since 2015, completely free of charge for students, teachers and the general public.

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