who left the famous Mexican mansion yesterday; Meet the fired

MARIA FERNANDA QUIROZAlso known as Ferga, Removed from Famous Mexico House 2023 On June 25, 2023. By this removal, he became The third contestant to leave the showJoins Sofia Rivera Torres and Marie Claire Harp.

After being prescribed with Barbara Torres and Raquel PicoraThe public decided that Ferga had to leave home Celebrities live 24 hours a day.

It is important to note that during the week of your removal, Maria Fernanda Queiroz starred in many controversial moments on the reality show And many of his companions complained about his attitudes.

Ferga was also considered a favorite by netizens. Yesterday, when Sergio Mayer confronted her, people on the internet praised her for expressing what many were thinking.

Where to see the popular Mexico 2023 house?

You can enjoy La Casa de los Famosos México 2023 on different channels and platforms. There is a plan Conductors: Galilea Montejo and Mauricio GarzaResponsible for coordinating dynamics among participants.

Off Monday to Friday, The show airs 10:00pm on Channel Five. The Sundays, can Tune in at Canal de los Estrellas at 8:30 p.m.

Besides, You can access the live stream through the Vix app, There you can follow all the news and emotions in real time.

What participants are in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’?

After Ferga’s elimination, there are now fewer contestants in the house, so the competition will be tougher as the weeks go by. today, Follow:

  • Wendy Guerra
  • Paul Stanley
  • Emilio Osorio
  • nigris poncho
  • Nicola Porcella
  • Celery Quijano
  • George Loza
  • Sergio Mayor
  • Barbie Juarez
  • Barbara Torres
  • Rahul Bikora.
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