KP Spaniard cries so hard, he loses his “father on TV”

The world of entertainment is lamenting once again by one of the famous soap opera makers. Archimedes Rivero, Known as “Jar of Soap Opera”, Lost his life KP Spanish Who let us know.

The 91-year-old producer lost his life after a string of hits with several Venezuelan melodramas. Phonovideo And Venivision, With records in Miami, Florida.

Soon Gabriela Spanish wrote a few words about this loss: “I will remember you forever, Father Archimedes. News Was very sad. For most of us who work with him, a father has left us. The Medical Eye of Television, our Master of Television ”.

With heartache, he continues: “He is the one who discovered so many of us, we will not be the first and many opportunities for him in this difficult and fruitful television medium”, he wrote in his speech. The latest release on his official profile from Instagram.

The actress is very saddened by this loss and expressed her feelings to more than 2.1 million followers on the aforementioned social network where she wrote many words that you can read if you visit that particular photo.

KP Spanish / Instagram

KP Spaniard said goodbye and announced this tragic loss of his father “on TV”.

The famous villain of many soap operas decided to make this announcement and take advantage of the moment to say goodbye with all the affection and admiration she had on him and of course is very grateful for all the opportunities this person has given her. Gave her in her life and career.

Also, Majori de Souza, the villain of the hit TV show “La Desalmada”, shared some emotional words to say goodbye to the father of art.

“My dear Godfather, you have left, thank you so much, thank you, for what I am. You gave me so many opportunities, you trusted me even though I had no idea what could go so far in this medium. Thank you always for your friendship, for the way you look at life. “

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