Rosalia stamps with M for Motomami in Altos de Savon

With long boots, a sweater and a red skirt, her hair in two ponytails, no make-up, and eight dancers, Rosalia took over the Altos de Savon Amphitheater in La Romana this Saturday.

Before the Spanish woman took the stage, the Dominican public was excited to see a stage screen simulated as a sheet of paper filled with irregular scratches characteristic of her third musical collection, “Motomami”.

The lights went down and the screams of the over 10,000 fans there were immediately heard, and just after 9:00 PM, the interpreter of “Biscochito” lit up the stage with his ‘Motomami World Tour’. It is being offered for the first time in the Dominican Republic.

After about two songs, Rosalia shared with her most loyal followers, talking about the gifts, compliments and deep love she feels for the national territory.

“I am very impressed by the Dominican Republic, there is a lot of talent here and I greatly admire the artists here,” said the Catalan composer.

La Motomami continued her performance with her song ‘Candy’ and then gave way to ‘Piscochito’, which became huge on social networks, becoming a popular meme, Rosalia’s gestures on stage while singing.

Other songs sung by Rosalia include La Fama, Dolarem, De Aque No Sales, Buelrias, G3 N15, Linda, Linda (with Dominican Tokisha), Hendai, Bienzo en du Mira, La Combi Versace, Malamente among others. .

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