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President this Sundayl Life, Louis Cruise, Confirmed the hiring of a Portuguese coach Fernando Mira (58), but not a substitute for Nerlyn Membrano, But as a collaborator.

As he described Cruise, Meera will be in charge of the balance plan and will also act as a consultant Nerlin Membreno on the first team.

“Nerlin is aware of Mira’s arrival, I told him, he’s going to contribute to the tactical contribution. That does not mean Nerlin will not continue as a club coach,” he said. Louis Cruise is the first DTV.

With your arrival, Membreno will have two assistants (Denilson Costa and now Fernando Mira), You have them Diego Vasquez in Motacua with Ninrod Medina and Javier Nice.

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Who was Fernando Mira and where did he lead?

The former footballer now holds a European DD with a Portuguese passport and served as a technical assistant in the Navy (Portugal) for many years (2006-2011).Portuguese first league with Rosario Gonzalves, Augusto Inacio, Ulysses Morais and Manuel Gajuda.

The team landed in the Honor Division in 2013, the ‘Major League’ in Honduras, a genre that Mira directed until last year.

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Project Louis Cruz Meera, who will be presented in the Ziba box this week, is strengthening the program with the youth of the reserves and contributing to the A team.

Vida has amassed 8 games unbeaten in the National League. They currently line up in fourth place with an equal number of games and 6 units after defeat. The next day they will face the marathon at the Yangle Rosenthal.

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