Danilo Medina announces measures; warns in PLD there is only room to serve the country

The president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Danilo Medina, proclaimed yesterday that in that organization there is no space for those leaders whose interests are different from those of the country they should serve.

Medina, who lasted around 40 minutes in his speech, after being sworn in as president of the PLD before the members of the Political Committee and the more than two thousand delegates who gathered at the Palacio de los Deportes, highlighted that, as part of the renewal of the Party, the leaders must return to the previous times, and seek the best of the essence of that organization, saying no to privileges and bad practices.

He argued that, within the PLD, a series of measures were taken to prevent actions alien to its essence from being committed.

Likewise, he warned yesterday that the members of the Political Committee must make a declaration of assets each year, with the aim of “leading by example” to the other leaders of the organization.

The measures were taken during the IX José Joaquín Bidó Medina Ordinary Congress, where they set the guidelines for the internal renewal of the PLD. The general secretary, Charlie Noel Mariotti, and the new Political Committee were also sworn in at the event.

“We are a transformed Party and, what is more important, we are implementing measures so that renewal is already a constant, and so that our organization is an example of probity and transparency,” said Medina.

Another of the measures, on which Medina reported, was the decision to give the Central Committee greater power to supervise the work of the party leadership.

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Likewise, the use of economic resources for internal campaigning was prohibited. “From now on, the votes will be obtained with proposals, with ideas, with the legitimate support of the people and nothing else,” he said.

To avoid a greater accumulation of responsibilities, it was approved that, within the ranks of the PLD, the heads of the secretariats do not remain more than two periods of four years in the positions to facilitate their rotation.

Another aspect that Medina highlighted, and which was praised by those present during his swearing-in, concerns that his tenure as President of the PLD would only be for one term.

“I promise, on a voluntary basis, that my time in this position will be for a single term, that is, until the X Ordinary Party Congress, enough time for a new leader to be able to assume the responsibility of leading the Party from that moment on. ”, Specified the former president of the Republic.

It was also decided that those who are chairmen of intermediate committees may not continue in their functions if they are elected as members of the Central Committee.

“From now on, there will be at least two vice presidents of the Party to coordinate the work of the scientific-technical and party-society secretariats, and we have reduced the minimum time in the Party from 10 to five years for a member to be able to aspire to be a member of the CC ”, indicated Medina.

Medina, also, said that this political organization is renewed, strengthened and ready to fight, and assume the Government, again, in the year 2024.

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“This day marks the beginning of what will undoubtedly be our most glorious stage. The PLD is back, ladies and gentlemen. With more force, with more ideas, with more talent. And no one, absolutely no one, is going to stop him, ”he said.

The president of the PLD was emphatic in pointing out that, during his administration, it was demonstrated that this political organization carried out the greatest modernization and transformation that the country has seen.

In his speech. Medina stressed that, by 2024, the PLD will return to power, and that they are already preparing to achieve it.

“The PLD resurfaced with much more force, opened its wings like the Phoenix, took to the streets and managed to conquer, once again, the Dominicans”

Danilo Medina President of the PLD

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