Romania attacked the United States. That’s an honor. This is the largest American civilian medal

U.S. Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman was in Calafat on Friday, where he announced that National Defense Secretary Nicola Cusec would receive the largest U.S. civilian medal on December 15, known as the “Medal for Merit”.

The medal is presented to Minister Nicolas Ciuseppe for his actions as head of defense.

“On December 15, the Minister presents Cioca the largest American citizen medal, ‘The Medal of Merit’, for what he did when he was head of defense. We are very proud of him, and Romania should be very proud of him,” said Adrian Zuckerman of Calcutta, where he became mayor. Doral met Mittles and visited the port of Calcutta.

Romania is an important strategic country for the United States, Europe and NATO

Consequently, the US Ambassador to Bucharest said that our country is important to the US, European and NATO strategy. In addition, along with Poland, it creates the Escar skull, which, in his opinion, protects Europe.

“Strategically, as far as the United States is concerned, he is one of his best friends, not only militarily but also economically. You have seen the $ 8 billion Chernavoda project, for which we will fund $ 7 billion through EXIM (edition: U.S. Export-Import Bank). We are ready.

One of the things we have to discuss on Mondays and Tuesdays is the highway and railway from Constantinople via Bucharest, which connects Constantinople with Gdansk (Poland), not only for this region, but for the whole of Romania.

There will be branches of this highway, connecting cities like Iasi, Timisoara, so that Romania could eventually become a leader in Europe, where it should have been for many years, and it was not there. We put more emphasis on economic development than the development of military security, which is very important, not important, “he said.

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Minister of Defense – Nicola Seouk, Minister of Economy – Virgil Bobesku, President of PNL Dolge – Stephen Stoica, Senator Mario Ovidu Opria, Deputy Nicola Cujia attended the visit of Ambassador to Calcutta Adrian Zuckerman Ambassador Zuckermann will have a meeting with businessmen from Dolce County, Grovo, on Friday.

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