Which 1-dollar bills sell for $100,000?

They were introduced in 1977 and characterize the misalignment error. Learn about the bill that collectors offer fortunes.

This US $1 bill is a buzz on the internet. Although published in 1977, it is not in circulation, although it has a misalignment error and is considered “rare” by experts, which is why there are many collectors. Willing to pay $100k for it.

How about 1 dollar bills that sell for $100k

In 1977, the United States Federal Reserve issued a series of 1-dollar bills that have come of age but are no longer in circulation.. They also have a misalignment error and are considered “rare” by experts, which is why there are many collectors willing to pay for them.

A copy of these on Ebay sells for around USD 325 (approx $100,000). However, it is worth clarifying that in order to know how much these will be paid, even if they sell for that value on the above website, it is necessary to approach an interested buyer.

1 dollar bill
1 dollar bill

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