When the last doses of the flu vaccine arrive. Specifications of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is finalizing the distribution of the influenza vaccine purchased for this season’s free immunization campaign. Thus, the last 540,000 doses will reach the Public Health Directorates on Tuesday and Wednesday and, subsequently, in family medical offices It is intended for people at high risk of disease.

According to a statement sent by the Ministry of HealthFor this season, approximately 3 million doses of influenza vaccine have been purchased, double the number last year.

As part of the free annual influenza vaccination campaign of the Ministry of Health, people over 65 years of age with chronic diseases, especially respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, institutionalized children and the elderly, medical personnel and pregnant women are immunized with priority. , in accordance with the WHO and ECDC recommendations.

How many people in risk categories have been vaccinated against the flu

The campaign takes place in family doctors’ offices and in beds with toilets. The distribution of vaccine doses to the Public Health Directorates was carried out in several stages, starting on September 14, the ministry recalls. As of November 29, 864,796 people in risk categories had been vaccinated, according to INSP monitoring.

At the national level, the total number of cases of acute respiratory infections (clinical influenza, IACRS and pneumonia) is decreasing, being 31,874 in week 48 of follow-up, 63.9% lower compared to the same week of the previous season (88,394 ) and 27.4% less compared to the previous week (43,954), possible decreases due to underreporting during legal holidays, according to the Ministry of Health.

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To date, only one laboratory-confirmed case of influenza has been reported. No confirmed deaths from the influenza virus were reported.

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