Zuckerman leaves Romania in a hurry!


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Although the Washington team has not changed yet, the US ambassador, Adrian Zuckerman, has formally taken the diplomatic approach to leave Romania.

Bucharest, December 11th – Sputnik. The US ambassador in Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, went to the foreign minister, Bogdan Orisco, to say goodbye! The news is transmitted through a communication to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Today, Monday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Orisco, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received the United States Ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, on a farewell visit. Minister Bogdan Orisko conveyed the appreciation of the Romanian side for Ambassador Zuckerman’s activity during his tenure in Bucharest, for the dynamic participation in developing and deepening the partnership Bilateral strategy, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs quoted.

Inside the Statement He mentions “the achievements recorded during the year 2020 in cooperation between Romania and the United States” – the story of cooperation in the field of defense and security “, including through the signing of a roadmap on defense cooperation between Romania and the United States. Which formalizes bilateral strategic priorities and provides A framework for developing capabilities and the level of military training. “

Strangely enough, though, Aurescu “raised the importance of continuing bilateral cooperation to achieve tangible progress on Romania’s accession to the visa waiver program,” but strangely enough, he did not say anything about an issue more important than Zuckerman’s state: the Cernavoda loan!

In this context, Aurescu also did not talk about demonizing Chinese and Chinese companies, which is a common idea of ​​the US ambassador.

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The question is – why is Zuckerman leaving so quickly? We remember that his predecessor, Hans Klemm, appointed by the Democrats, remained in office for more than a year under the Trump administration!

So why is Zuckerman leaving so quickly? Perhaps because the promises of American investment turned into stories? Or is it because public opinion is fed up with the daring that has dominated the internal affairs of Romania?

Or are there other businesses for which the pleasant ambassador leaves Romania quickly – so sweet that I suddenly remembered Alexandru Palaiologo’s formula – “the Golan ambassador” ?! Incidentally, Aurescu didn’t say anything about digitizing Romania either – which is said to be work Zuckerman had to solve for his great political patron!

We wish him good luck! I think we’ll see him here again, working with the Roman state, like other U.S. ambassadors.

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