Cuba and Terrorism. Trump’s poison gift to the Biden administration

US publication National Interest writes that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants to put Cuba on the list of supporters of US terrorism. If Pompeo follows this idea, there will be another big mistake in how this list is made and broken, NI hopes. In fact, last month, the Trump administration linked its campaign in support of the Netanyahu government to the removal of Sudan from the list.

Through many administrations, countries like Iraq and North Korea have been added or removed from the list, not because of any changes in their behavior towards terrorism, but because of some sympathy or hatred. White House Compared to those countries. For example, during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, the Reagan administration removed Iraq from the list as part of its good relations with Iraq.

Cuba has been placed on the list of supporters of terrorism

Cuba is certainly not a supporter of terrorism. Decades have passed since the rule of Havana, especially after the loss of its main supporter, the Soviet Union, which has been engaged in foreign activities that could be a credible argument for listing. These activities include revolutionary movements in Latin America and military operations in Africa, as well as his material support of the past.

The Cuban government has been placed on the list of supporters of terrorism for domestic political reasons. And American, not Cuban. It was removed from the list in 2015 as part of the Obama administration’s normalization of diplomatic relations with Havana.

There is still an explanation as to why Trump is leaving Biden’s legacy to add Cuba to the list: a sign of gratitude to the Cuban Americans who kept Florida in the Republican camp in the November election. Bombay, of course, would like to retain the support of that section of the electorate if it contests itself in the next election.

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However, the US release shows that when the anti-terrorism tool is misused, it weakens the counter-terrorism force. The purposes of the U.S. list are to suggest and wall regimes that aid or perpetrate terrorism, to encourage regimes to seek out terrorism, and to encourage regimes on this list to refrain from these activities.

The misuse of the list also sends the message that the United States is not concerned about counter-terrorism. When US administrations show involvement in the case of Saudi Arabia and Israel, which have even committed acts of international terrorism.

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