WhatsApp Update: Calls from 32 participants

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It’s been a week Share The arrival was officially confirmed Reactions Its Application. However, this is not the only feature that appears in the service.

According to the 9to5Mac website, WhatsApp iOS Allows you to make calls to up to 32 participants now. Impressive improvement from the 8 people Apps has allowed so far.

Now when a user group receives a voice call, The ‘Incoming Call’ screen shows the participants in the call.

Of course, first you can see who started the video call or the person who invited you to join. Once in the ‘Calls’ section, Users can view meeting members from the history.

This update comes with version 22.8.80 of WhatsApp IPhone. In addition, it is one step closer to the expected reactions seen in the leaks in recent months.

Group calls up to 32 participants on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Technofil)
Group calls up to 32 participants on WhatsApp. (Photo: Technofil)

More WhatsApp 22.8.80 News on iPhone

Furthermore, the company promises to add more and more improvements in its usage; Some of them are very inspired by the existing projects Telegraph For many years.

In cases like this, you now have the option Send large files via WhatsApp. Especially up to 2GB, currently only in beta in Argentina.

New ‘social chats’ are coming, The company assures that they will not be as provided by Telegram. This latest feature is expected to launch later this year.

Social chat on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Target)
Social chat on WhatsApp. (Photo: Target)

Although the main function can invite 32 people, it is not unique. In fact, the service has got the opportunity with this new update Improve some aesthetic issues of your application.

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As the new version 9to5Mac describes, it slightly modifies various elements of its interface, including ‘social sound design’. Now Speakers and waveforms that appear in the new WhatsApp voice messages will be highlighted.

In addition to redesigning the voice message bubble, we You will see a change in contact and team information. WhatsApp has also introduced a new feature that allows users Access your favorite photos and videos from the iPhone Camera Roll.

These features are already available in the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone.If you want to get them, you have to go App Store From மஞ்சனா And update the application. If you already have the latest update and are still unable to use the new one, there is nothing to worry about.

In a few weeks, The company guarantees that all users will be able to use them; This happens frequently in most of the functions that come with the service.

Share.  (Photo: REUTERS / Tado Ruvik)
Share. (Photo: REUTERS / Tado Ruvik)

Improvements in the web version of the WhatsApp web

From the hands of WABetaInfo, it seems that the upgrades are not limited to the iOS version. Soon, users will be able to see the arrival Reactions 2.0 Service.

This innovation was created specifically whatsapp internetfor now, Also allow all users to react to a message with any emoji they like.

“Thanks to the new version of WhatsApp Reactions, you can respond to messages by selecting any emoji from the emoji selector. Recently, Will Cathcard announced on Twitter that the same feature will feature all emojis and skin tones, which will come later.

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