The Under-19 team made its debut with a win against Honduras

El Salvador’s Under-19 team At the start of the FIFA Forward UNCAF 2022 tournament, Honduras took an excellent first step by beating the team 0-2. An initial goal from Harold Osorio and another of Alexis Benitez Azulida took just three points from FFB Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

El Salvador jumped on the FFB’s pitch, with its characteristic intensity, pressing the height, preparing the attack from its own half ground, moving the ball with ideas and not sending the balls. Isaac Esquivel and Ronald Arévalo were responsible for putting too much pressure on the Hondurans to leave.

Between Danny Rios and Harold Osorio they got the ball and put the plays together. The first clear chance of the match came five minutes after the opening whistle was blown. Harold Osorio, wearing the captain’s ribbon, made a shot from the left side of the area, and Colin White sent the ball past Jurgen Garcia’s defense.

The dominance and assertion of the Salvadorans received its reward. It ended with a brilliant partnership between Isaac Esquivel and the team’s vice – captain and captain Osorio, which began after Salvador’s half recovered the ball. Esquivel sent a low cross to Osorio, who was able to attach the ball, which fell to the ground, and Honduras were able to score in the 11th minute.

This goal is a reflection of the team’s main idea, and getting the ball out with a touch of purpose is a great start for the Cascadlegos.

The Hondurans tried to retaliate, but in the 13th minute they did not take advantage of a mistake by right-back Caesar Orellana, who sent the ball out of goal, saved by Damien Alguerra.

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The Salvadorans dominated the first half and came close to scoring the second goal on several occasions.

In about 20 minutes, Esquivel Catrachcha scored a direct free kick on the edge of the box, sent the ball to the left side of the goal and touched the post.

Then, in the 27th minute, Danny Rios and Ronald Arevalo made a series of touches, finishing Meyer Gill to filter the ball, who made a shot to the side.

The Hondurans’ response was limited, trying to reach their left, however Caesar Orellana was careful to stop every attempt.

Hondurans took free throws to level the first half, they were the only losers.

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In the second half, the eleventh did not present two changes. The Hondurans were very firm in security and covered their seats well.

“La H” began to move further into the opposite area, but Salvador was careful to retain the defensive decision.

In the 62nd minute, a free kick by Javier Ariaga was saved by Damien Alguerra without any problems.

Despite the progress of the Hondurans, the Cascutlegos were, again, close to maximizing their advantage.

Esquivel, in the 64th minute, had another clear chance to score the second goal, reaching the opposite end, but the Honduran goalkeeper was careful to stop his shot.

The game was very complicated for the Honduran team. In the 67th minute, Thomas Sordo was sent off for a direct red card after a dangerous foul on Harold.

The panorama was hard for the Hondurans, however they were close enough to surprise the Salvadorans, with Alquera always being attentive, constantly sending set pieces to the Azulida area. But in the end, on the counter-attack, Alexis Benitez beat the final 2-0.

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The next day will also take place this Tuesday at the FFB Grounds. The selection will be measured against the campus.


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