WhatsApp trick to view deleted photos by your friends

This time we will let you know how to view photos deleted by your famous friends Processor of Share, So read on to learn step by step how to do it without a mistake.

If someone sends you one Photo No doubt on WhatsApp and deleting it, this next trick is special for you.

In this great app, you can exchange various content like videos, GIFs, animated stickers, voice notes and funny memes as you can see.

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However, very few people use it as a trick: it is to recover a deleted photo from your friend, family member, partner or co-worker.

As you know, the popular WhatsApp application not only allows you to delete sent messages but also photos if you have not read them yet.

Every time someone uses this tool you will see it leave a trace and you will know that the document has been deleted.

Although there are programs that can help you know exactly what was sent to you, now a much simpler trick has been found, and there is no need to use a third-party application that asks for large amounts of information or requests to access your personal files.

It is worth noting that you need to run some hidden functions on WhatsApp, however, the best of all is legal, so here we leave all the steps for you, so you can do it easily.

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Before doing these steps, it is always a good idea to have the latest version of WhatsApp, for this go to the Google Play or iOS Store and download the latest update.

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  • To get started you need to go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Go to Storage and Data.
  • In that section you will find a tab that says “Automatic Download”.
  • You need to click on the photos and videos to download using data and wifi.
  • This way, when you receive a photo, it will be automatically downloaded, even if it was deleted by your friend.
  • With this, there will no longer be any mystery if someone deletes a message.
  • You can see this again on the reel of your mobile device.

On the other hand, of course you occasionally use your mobile device, suddenly a WhatsApp notification says “you may have new messages” and eagerly see if anyone has written you the instant messaging app you mentioned, but you can’t find anything you can.

While WhatsApp is an incomplete application and unfortunately somewhat limited, there are also non-Facebook application tools from its main competitors such as Telegram, one of which is the possibility of zooming in on video calls with more than 30 people or sharing the screen in the style of Google Meeting.

Enter here and show shows Web light!

While this instant messaging service is not perfect, many people appreciate its presence, while others criticize it for its annoying announcements, one of which is a warning that “you may have new news” where WhatsApp basically tells you that you have not used it. You may have received new messages during that period.

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