What should I do to protect my data before selling my cell phone

You Phone Saves usernames, passwords, messages, photos and videos. The risks of ending up with this information in the wrong person’s range from losing your social networks to stealing a portion of your money. So, if you want to give or Sell ​​your cell phoneYou need to take some precautionary measures Protect your personal information.

Tips for protecting your data when changing cell phones

Remove the SIM card and SD card

Moreover the SIM card Contains information about your contacts that may be associated with your personal phone number. If you have linked such a number to a bank or other account, someone may contact you on your behalf and use it to harm you.

It is very convenient to put the SIM card in your next device, but if you do not plan to use it again, it is better to break it. Reason for withdrawal SD memory Of your device; Contains photos, videos, conversations, files and other personal information.

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Delete all your data

Phones are already equipped with internal memory and are not as easy to remove as an SD card. Therefore, all data associated with you stored directly on the phone must be manually deleted from the computer; News, photos, videos and even your browsing history.

There is a practical alternative Factory reset Cellphone, the way you do it varies by brand, but after a web search it only takes a few minutes to figure out how. If you do not want to lose information permanently, try to create it Again On your computer or SD memory.

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Connect your accounts from the device

After deleting your files, there is one more step to clear all traces of your phone usage. About Remove the group link from your accounts and devices; Cancel automatic access logs through Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, social networks and digital bank accounts. At the same time delete the records of the equipment on your remaining electronic devices.

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Finally, if you do not use the same cell phone number, it is important to remove it as an authentication alternative. 2-Step Verification Processes. Also, if you have registered a contact number for any account or service, try updating it to avoid inconvenience.

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