Ramon Morales sent a hopeful message after meeting his Qatar 2022 competitors

The Mexican team Met his rivals for the team stage Qatar World Cup 2022El Tri face Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia in Group C.

Ramon Morales, Chivas footballer, who scored the tricolor’s last goal of the victory in the Copa Am பெருrica against Albiceleste in 2004, promised that El Tri could beat Albiseleste again.

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“Of course you can beat Argentina. They know how hard it was in Argentina, throughout history, or at least I know the reason and they know what Mexico had for them.”

“Now they can manage to be quiet, they have an easy team, they think so father, but it’s their thing, Mexico can achieve a great football game, why not think it should be superior? Think about beating Argentina in 90 minutes,” Ramoncito said.

“We were expecting the top seat, almost everyone was strong, we saw Qatar in the Gold Cup, may not know, the other top teams .. It is often true that Argentina is the strongest team. It did not come as a candidate to win the World Cup, it is a dangerous, high level team and they have met Scaloni, but they know that Mexico competed with them and Mexico always competes. They; This is a team that is going to compete in Mexico and there is potential for progress, ”he added.

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The former footballer recalled his goal against Pato Abontancieri when Mexico beat Argentina on July 10, 2004 at the Elias Aguirre Stadium in Chiclayo.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that goal, it’s a fact, we enjoy it so much and celebrate it, but the great work the team has done is not less important. We had to defend the goal. This is a huge success because of the joint efforts of all, “he concluded.

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