WhatsApp trick to find out if they have already read your message

Today we will tell you step by step how they can know if they read your message Share No Blue Popcorn, read on to learn how to make it.

If you want to know if they have already read your message or heard your message Voice audio Even if they are disabled Blue popcorn, Follow these simple steps.

We have to stay home because of the coincidence that occurs after new variations appear.

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In most cases, more home office and your co-workers need to be contacted through news sites or social networks.

So it is not strange that WhatsApp users are tasked with investigating tricks to improve communication and privacy, one of which is related to blue popcorn.

While for some they are usually a headache for many, it gives them reassurance because it allows them to know if their message has finally been read.

Currently, there is a function to disable them, do not worry, because there is a way to avoid it, so they can know if they have already read your messages.

So many people want to disable the option of indicating whether your contact has already read you on WhatsApp, in order to avoid conflicts with “you allowed me to see” or to maintain their privacy.

Even if one of them has enabled this function, they can recognize it if they have already seen your message; Follow these simple steps.

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It should be noted that this is the simplest way, as it is a hidden function or much less known by users than a trick.

Once you log in to WhatsApp, select the chat of the person you sent the message to.

Select the text or audio and click “Info” to see if your message has already been delivered or more importantly you have already seen it.

The “Read” box will also appear with the popular blue popcorn, regardless of whether it was disabled by another person or by you.

However, there is another option and the first thing you need to do is create the group you want to know if they have already read your message.

Send him a message through the board and you will know if he has already read your message or listened to the audio you sent him, regardless of whether he has blue popcorn disabled.

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