WhatsApp is finally full HD

Share it Now officially moving to HD, as Mark Zuckerberg announced on Instagram’s Meta channel this Thursday, August 17, users will now be able to share high-resolution photos with other contacts on both Android and iOS.

With this option, it was possible to maintain the original dimensions of the image during transmission, avoid compressing the photo, and therefore, achieve high quality. Later, in June, WhatsApp started testing sending HD photos with some users on beta versions of Android and iOS. Now, as the company announced in a statement, users can officially send HD quality photos on the Meta platform.

With this new option, you can share photos in higher resolution while maintaining WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption security. Specifically, it’s a function designed for “special moments that your friends and family want to enjoy down to the smallest detail,” the company shared. However, as they explained, the standard quality will continue to be the default option for photos to be sent, to guarantee that the transfer of photos continues to be “fast and efficient”. Following this line, if the user receives a photo while having a low bandwidth connection, WhatsApp allows him to choose whether he wants to download it with HD quality or keep the standard quality.

In fact, this selection can be carried out photo by photo. With all of this, WhatsApp has described that the high-definition photo functionality will be rolled out globally “in the coming weeks”. In addition, the social network has progressed further and, in the same way, will implement the option of sending videos in high definition “coming soon”.

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